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Associate membership

Individuals wishing to join the Association and to take part in its activities can become an associate member.

Effective membership

Each physician or scientist fulfilling the criteria below can become effective member:

  • the candidate has to be associate BelSACI member for at least 2 years.

  • he/she has to provide proof of professional activities in the field of allergy and/or clinical immunology.

  • he/she has to be first author of at least one peer-reviewed publication in the field of allergy and/or clinical immunology; the candidate is responsible of providing the proof of peer-review.

Submitting your application

Membership applications are to be submitted to the BelSACI board (together with a curriculum vitae of the candidate in case of application for effective membership). Applications can be sent by regular mail or by e- mail with receipt notification. The board will examine each application for associate or effective membership and will inform the candidate regarding acceptance or rejection of the submitted application.

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